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Richard Angwin is the main weather presenter for Points West, the BBC’s regional news magazine for the West. Richard joined the Met Office as a weather observer in 1979 and became a broadcast journalist in 1993. As well as presenting… Read more


Derek Brockway presents the weather on Wales Today – BBC Wales’ flagship evening news programme. Derek joined BBC Wales Today in September 1997 replacing Helen Willetts as the main weather presenter for BBC Wales. His role also includes presenting weather… Read more


David Braine is the main weather presenter for Spotlight, the BBC’s regional news programme for the South West. David joined Spotlight in 2003 to take over from Craig Rich. Previously, David worked as a weather presenter in London and was… Read more


Natalie Booker is a weather forecaster for BBC South East Today. Natalie joined the Met Office in London in 1999 where she held the post of Broadcast Assistant. In 2001, Natalie moved to Tunbrige Wells to become a weather forecaster… Read more


Kaddy Lee-Preston is the weather presenter for BBC South East Today. Kaddy was born in Yorkshire but, being from a forces background, she’s moved around the world for most of her life. Kaddy’s interests include snowboarding, breakdancing, cycling, cloud photography… Read more


Heather Reid is a weather forecaster for BBC Reporting Scotland. Heather joined BBC Scotland in 1994. She also works with Glasgow Science Centre, developing weather shows and workshops for schools and the public. Heather has a BSc (Hons) in Physics… Read more


Gail McGrane is a weather forecaster for BBC Scotland. Gail joined the Met Office in 1999 and is now the nations secondary weather forecaster after training both in Reading and at Television Centre in London. Gail decided on a career… Read more


Cecilia Daly is a weather presenter for BBC Newsline, presenting the weather to viewers across Northern Ireland. Cecilia joined the Met Office in 1985 and has been a weather forecaster for over a decade. She has presented across many regional… Read more