CNN Former Presenters

Don Lemon CNN

Don Lemon – born March 1, 1966 – is a former presenter at CNN. Lemon worked as a news correspondent...

Christine Romans on CNN

Christine Romans is a senior business correspondent at NBC News. She previously worked for CNN from 1999-2023, and before that...

Brian Stelter

Brian Patrick Stelter – born September 3, 1985 – is a former chief media correspondent for CNN and former host...

Ana Cabrera on NBC

Ana Cabrera – born May 13, 1982 – is a news presenter on MSNBC. Cabrera was raised in a Mexican-American...

Chris Cuomo

Christopher Charles Cuomo – born August 9, 1970 – is a former presenter on CNN. Cuomo is the brother of...

Piers Morgan TalkTV Presenter

Piers Morgan – born 30 March 1965 – is a former presenter on TalkTV. Morgan began his journalism career in...

Sam Kiley Images Sky News

Sam Kiley is a former senior international correspondent for CNN. He has more than three decades of journalistic experience. After...

hala gorani Image

Hala Gorani is a correspondent for NBC News. Previously she was an anchor and correspondent for CNN International, based in...

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