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Getting to an age where I no longer like answering that question!

Where are you from?

How did you get started in Broadcasting?
I did some work experience at a channel called EBN which has now become CNBC. I managed to get a job while I was there and stayed for over 2 years (luckily they started paying after that first week!)

When was that?
October 1996

Why News Broadcasting?
Once I started working in newsrooms I loved the thriving and varied environment. Watching history being made and being part of that is an amazing thing.

Where else would have viewers seen or heard you before?
I first presented and reported on-screen at 5 News, and since then I’ve worked for Calendar (ITV Yorkshire), ITV News Channel, ITV London, Package Holiday Undercover and St Jimmy’s for ITV1, GMTV, Real Radio Yorkshire and I will soon be doing some work for Sky News.

What is your Best on-air moment?
I really enjoyed reporting on one of the last Concorde flights, despite a photographer accidently bumping into my cameraman and breaking the view-finder off the camera! Luckily lots of gaffa tape sorted it out!

What is your Worst on-air moment?
Luckily I haven’t had anything too hideous happen (yet) but I did physcially jump once while presenting a bulletin as one of the studio lights went off with a bang. Presenting rolling news certainly throws some spanners in the works at times but that’s all part of the job.

What would you like to do before your career ends?
I’d loved to do a stint on wildlife programmes.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
Lots of things… Travel, film, theatre, skiing, dancing, sailing, reading, and plenty of time with friends and family.

What advice would you give to anyone that would like to get into the broadcasting world?
The hardest thing can be getting yourself in somewhere so ask friends and family for any contacts in the industry. Once you are in the door, make the most of your time there and look for opportunities within that environment. If you go somewhere on work experience, don’t be afraid to talk to people and offer to help out.

A big thanks to Faye for taking part.

Last updated: Thursday 21 May 2009

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