Hurricane Katrina: News Coverage

On Monday 29th August 2005, Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf coast, wreaking havoc in the states of Louisiana, Mississippi and Alabama. The hurricane has killed hundreds.

UK Television networks sent out key presenters and reporters to America from 1st September.

BBC News

ITV News
Mark Austin live in New Orleans on Thursday and Friday.

Bill Neely live in Biloxi, Mississippi on Thursday and Friday. Bill also done live reports over the weekend.

Robert Moore live in GulfPort, Mississippi.

Alastair Stewart live in Washington on Thursday evening.

Martin Geissler in Washington on Friday, and made his way down to Houston Texas on Sunday

Sky News
Kay Burley presenting the afternoon/evening on Sky News from New Orleans, whist Martin Stanford was presenting the morning/afternoon.

Andrew Wilson reporting when the hurricane hit, Andrew then reported from New Orleans.

Ian Woods was live in New Orleans.

Greg Milaim was live in New Orleans.

Michelle Clifford was live in Washington.