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Hazel Murray is one of the best known of Sky’s acclaimed team of weather forecasters.

She made her name between 1987 and 1993 as the voice of the Flying Eye – the then Capital Radio’s traffic report plane. During that time, she published a book of aerial photos of London, entitled Capital London (Focus from the Flying Eye) – with anecdotes from Tony Blackburn, David ‘Kid’ Jensen, Chris Tarrant and many others.

She then moved to Sky News, where she has worked with Francis Wilson and the Sky News weather team since the summer of 1993.

She met her husband, Dominic, while working at Sky, and they married on a desert island in the Maldives in 1998. Together, over the past couple of years, they have cultivated what they believe is the only working vineyard in Greater London. The wine, called Redlees Rose, comes from their Clocktower Vineyard in Isleworth.

Hazel has a first class degree in mathematics, and has attended courses at the Meteorological College at Bracknell.

Hazel Murray and her amateur Gardening team – J D Hazeldene Gardeners – were awarded the Presidents Bowl for Best Courtyard Garden in the Chelsea FlowerShow 2003 – which as first timers they are all hugely proud about.

You can check out the offical website at viewtoafuture.co.uk”

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