CNN’s Christiane Amanpour reveals she has ovarian cancer

Christiane Amanpour

CNN host Christiane Amanpour has revealed she has ovarian cancer.

She told viewers that she recently had “successful major surgery” to remove the cancer and is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Ovarian cancer is the 18th-most common cancer overall, and the eighth-most common cancer for women. The World Cancer Research Fund reported nearly 300,000 new cases in 2018.

Christiane was hired by CNN on the foreign desk in Atlanta, Georgia in 1983, as an entry-level desk assistant.

During her early years as a correspondent, Amanpour was given her first major assignment covering the Iran–Iraq War.

She joined ABC in 2010, before returning to CNN in 2012.

Posted by Johnnie Larkin on Monday 14 June 2021
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