CNN presenter Sara Sidner reveals stage 3 breast cancer diagnosis

Sara Sidner CNN Presenter

CNN presenter Sara Sidner has revealed she is battling stage 3 breast cancer.

“Mentally, it has been 90% good for me because it’s just opened my eyes to how beautiful this life that we have is,” said Sidner on this morning’s CNN News Central.

“I love my life now more than I can remember since probably 7 or 8. I really, truly feel grateful just to be here.”

Sidner, who travelled to Israel in October to report on its unfolding war with Hamas, was told her mammogram raised cause for concern and she would need a biopsy upon her return to the States.

The biopsy confirmed within days of her return to New York that the lump she had first noticed months earlier was cancerous, and had already progressed to stage 3.

She told “When I got the news, I didn’t tell anybody, not even my mother or husband or sisters or friends,” she recalls. “I just needed to process it.”

Sara anticipates part of her treatment will involve about five months of chemo, a double mastectomy and radiation.

She is currently a co-presenter of the morning edition of CNN News Central.

Posted by Johnnie Larkin on Tuesday 9 January 2024
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