ITV Anglia Reporters

Katie Ridley on ITV Anglia

Katie Ridley is a news reporter for ITV Regions. She currently works as a reporter and producer providing news reports...

Rob Setchell

Rob Setchell is a news correspondent for ITV Anglia. He is based in Norfolk and covers big stories across the...

Victoria Lampard ITV Anglia Reporter

Victoria Lampard is a journalist at ITV Anglia. She presents ITV News Anglia and reports on news stories in Suffolk...

Callum Fairhurst ITV Anglia Reporter

Callum Fairhurst is a news reporter at ITV Anglia....

Russell Hookey ITV Anglia Reporter

Russell Hookey is a news reporter at ITV Anglia....

Stuart Leithes ITV Anglia Reporter

Stuart Leithes is a news reporter at ITV Anglia....

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