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Archive: General Election Coverage – Site Ticker. 6th Apr 2010 – ends 6th May 2010.

Day 30: 10pm ITV Election Openers

Day 30: 10pm BBC Election Openers

Day 30: 9pm Sky News Openers


Day 29: 10pm: Anna Botting presents News at Ten from Westminster (College Green).

Day 29: 8pm: Anna Botting Presents a 2 hour review programme from the Westminster studio with Jeff Randall, Tim Marshall and Joey Jones.

Day 29: 6:30pm / 10pm: Mark Austin presents from Downing St.

Day 29: 2pm: Kay Burley presents Afternoon Live from Morley.

Day 28: 10pm: Anna Botting presents News at Ten and The Boulton Botting Factor from Westminster.

Day 28: 2pm: Andrew Wilson presents Afternoon Live from Eastleigh.

Day 26: 10am: Dermot Murnaghan presents Sunday Live from Belfast.

Day 23: 10pm: Dermot Murnaghan presents post-debate coverage from the media centre.

Day 23: 10pm: Mark Austin presents News at Ten from the media centre in Birmingham.

Day 23: 7pm: Jon Snow in Birmingham.

Day 23: 6:30pm: Mary Nightingale presenting from Birmingham.

Day 23: Huw Edwards presenting 5 o’clock news, The Six and The Ten from Birmingham.

Day 23: 2pm: Kay Burley presents Afternoon Live from a rainy Birmingham.

Day 23: 10am: Emily Maitlis Presenting from Birmingham.

Day 23: Bill Turnbull brings Breakfast from Birmingham.

Day 22: Live at Five coming from Sky Centre this evening. Last Wednesday’s Live at Five came from Bristol and from Manchester two weeks ago.. Anna Botting is live in Oxford after spending the day with Nick Glegg.

Day 20: 5pm – Huw Edwards presenting from Cardiff.

Day 20: 1pm – Sophie Raworth presenting from Westminster.

Day 16: 7pm – Kay Burley presents an hour long pre-debate special.

Day 16: 630pm – Mark Austin presents Evening News from Bristol.

Day 16: 6pm – George Alagiah Presents BBC News at Six from Bristol.

Day 16: 2pm – Jeremy Thompson and Anna Botting live from Bristol.

Day 16: 9am – Emily Maitlis live from Bristol.

Day 16: 9am – 2pm Dermot Murnaghan and Anna Jones live from Bristol.

Day 16: 6am – 9am Eamonn Holmes and Bill Turnbull presents Sunrise/Breakfast from Bristol.

Day 15: Images of Sky News Leaders’ Debate studio.

Day 15: Laura Kuenssberg Live in Bristol.

Day 15: Jeremy Thompson presents Live at Five from Bristol – The site of the second Leaders’ Debate.

Day 10: Video & Images from the first Leaders’ Debate

Day 9: Mark Austin will present News at Ten from Manchester tonight, but before that he interviews Gordon Brown in a ‘Tonight’ special at 7:30pm on ITV1

Day 9: Jeremy Thompson has spend the day with Conservative leader, David Cameron. Jeremy with present tonight’s Live at Five from Manchester.

Day 9: Kay Burley is live from Islington today, the site of the Liberal Democrats manifesto launch.

Day 9:
The Liberal Democrats will launch their manifesto at 9:30 this morning.

Day 8:
Tonight: Mark Austin interviews Nick Clegg in a ‘Tonight’ special on ITV1 at 7:30pm.

Day 8:
Sophie Raworth presents ‘The One’ from Westminster.

Day 8:Kay Burley presenting from Battersea today.

Day 8:
SkyCopter hovering over Battersea.

Day 8:
The Conservative party will launch their manifesto at 11 this morning.. Kay Burley w/ Joey Jones and Ben Brown w/ Carole Walker are live from the Battersea Power Station, the site of the launch.

UKIP launch their plans this morning – Glen O Glaza and Laura Kuenssberg taking care of that one…

And Plaid Cymru will launch their manifesto later today..

Day 7:
Labour Manifesto launch.. Kay Burley and June Hill live from Birmingham. Boulton, Gibbon, Paterson, Bell and Robinson also in Birmingham.

Sophie Raworth presenting ‘The One’ from Westminster..

Day 5:
Site Update – Sky News Leaders’ Debate promos

Day 5:
Site update – ITV Leaders’ Debate promo

Day 4:
BBC’s Election promo

Day 4:
more updates

Day 3:
Sarah Hughes Presenting Afternoon Live, KayB’s in Bromsgrove.

Day 2:
ITV London has posted images on Facebook from behind the scenes of yesterday’s London Tonight Special Link

Day 2:
Sarah Brown has posted an image on Twitter of Gordon Brown w/ John Stapleton on GMTV this morning http //twitpic.com/1dt61y

Day 2:
Five News from yesterday

Day 2:

Day 2:
Missed BBC’s coverage yesterday?

Day 2:
Jeremy Thompson will be with David Cameron on Election Night, Anna Botting with Nick Clegg and Kay Burley with Gordon Brown.

Day 2:
Kay Burley presenting Afternoon Live from Westminster again today..

Day 1:
The Sky News Leaders’ debate will broadcast in HD on Channel 517. Election Night will also be in High Def.

Day 1:
Well, What a fantastic Day of news coverage from our excellent news networks here in the UK..
Correspondent of the Day goes to BBC’s Laura Kuennsberg.. she started very early this morning, been reporting from Downing Street and Westminster non-stop. twittering all Day and contributed to ‘The Campaign Show’ at 9pm..

Day 1:
10pm Huw Edwards presents ‘The Ten’ from Downing Street. Mary Nightingale and Mark Austin also outside number 10.

Day 1:
Gordon Brown will be on GMTV tomorrow morning

Day 1:
BBC still in Westminster with Joanne Gosling interviewing key politician.. Jayne Secker presenting the ‘newswheel’ on Sky News..

Day 1:
Alastair Stewart and Mary Nightingale presenting ITV News at 630pm from Downing Street.

Day 1:
George Alagiah presenting ‘The Six’ from Downing Street..

Day 1:
Katie Derham and the new man, Donal MacIntyre are presenting London Tonight from the London Eye.

Day 1:
Matt Barbet presenting Five News from Westminster with a quite nice backdrop..
Andy Bell live from Downing Street..

Day 1:
Huw Edwards and Jeremy Thompson presenting their 5pm bulletins from Westminster.

Day 1:
It looks like Sky’s Campaign teams are made up of one Political correspondent and another correspondent. Lab Niall Patterson and Michelle Clifford. Con Joey Jones and Dharshini David Lib Rachel Younger and Paul Harrison.

BBC Campaign teams are made up of a Presenter and Correspondent. Lab Jane Hill and Iain Watson. Con Ben Brown and Carole Walker Lib Sophie Long and Mike Sergeant.

Day 1:
Last Sky News dot com programme tonight until after the election. Martin will be apart of Election Coverage..

Day 1:
Alastair Stewart and Mary Nightingale will be on location for tonight’s ITV News at 6 30.

Day 1:
Tom Bradby in Downing Street with Alastair Stewart

Day 1:
ITV Correspondents Bill Neely with Cameron. Lucy Manning with Brown and Angus Walker with Clegg.

Day 1:
Andrew Wilson is in Waveney.

Day 1:
Alastair Stewart in Downing Street and Katie Derham in Westminster for ITV News at 1.30pm.

Day 1:
Michelle Clifford with Gordon Brown in Rochester

Day 1:
Kay Burley live in Westminster

Day 1:
Huw Edwards presenting ‘The One’ from Westminster

Day 1:
Welcome to TV Newsroom’s Election Coverage.

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