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Sky News - After The Pandemic - Our New World

Sky News will air a series of debate programmes titled After The Pandemic: Our New World this week.

Sky News presenter, Dermot Murnaghan, seeks to analyse the lasting COVID-19 legacy as well as trying to find solutions that might improve our lives in the future.

A new topic will be debated each night from Monday 1st June to Thursday 4th June with a live virtual studio audience asking questions via video link from around the world.

Sky News’ specialist correspondents and editors will also offer their insight, including: Sam Coates (Life & Society), Thomas Moore (Science & Medicine), Ed Conway (Work & The Economy) and Deborah Haynes (The World At Large).

“Today the world finds itself in a unique position, we have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to forge a bright new future for humanity,” said John Ryley, Head of Sky News.

“This series will provide an open forum for discussion with some of the most influential and forward-thinking minds of our generation.

“The world as we know it has changed and Sky News will look at the transformation it leaves behind and how we’ll all need to adapt in the future.”

After The Pandemic: Our New World will cover the following topics:

THE WORLD AT LARGE – How will our new world work?
Monday 1 June, 8pm

This programme will look at how the world will look post COVID19. Has the post-war order collapsed? How should the world – shown by the virus to be so interconnected and interdependent – work? What are the roles of the USA and China? What are the attitudes towards the developing world? And will climate change now be seen as even more important or will it be relegated behind the more immediate concerns of public health?

THE ECONOMY & WORK – What should we value in future?
Tuesday 2 June, 8pm

What has this period done for our value of key workers, the NHS as well as the risks of unemployment and debt? Does this herald the end of global capitalism and consumerism and what should replace them? Will working from home now be the new normal and what will be the implications of that?

SCIENCE & MEDICINE – How can we stop this happening again?
Wednesday 3 June, 8pm

How do we stop this happening again? Will a vaccine ever be found? What is the role of the World Health Organisation, medical research and big pharmaceutical companies? Do the biggest opportunities from this pandemic come in scientific enterprise and do we now have a chance to improve healthcare globally and in the UK?

LIFE & SOCIETY – Will life as we knew it ever return and what will our new lives look like?
Thursday 4 June, 8pm

Under the microscope for the panel will be relationships. What has this period of lockdown and social distancing from family and friends done for our relationships? What culture will be born out of the crisis and how should we enjoy it in future? Has life changed forever?

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