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Phil Reay-Smith is the Consumer Editor on ITV Breakfast programme Daybreak.

Up until September 2010, Phil was a ITV News correspondent. He started work for ITN in 2000, initially he worked for the ITN 24 hour news channel. Since working at ITN, he has covered such events as the 2001 Earthquake in Gujarat and the Boxing Day Tsunami in 2004. In 2003, he was embedded with the British army during the Iraq war, he became the first British journalist to cross into Iraqi territory.

Phil is a multi-skilled journalist, often filming and editing his own packages. This style of journalism was evident in his investigative coverage of the 2005 UK General Election in reports known as the Outsider.

He has specialised in reporting on adventure stories. He has covered Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ summiting of the north face of the Eiger in 2007. Phil also reported on Sir Ranulph Fiennes’ second failed attempt at summiting Mount Everest in May 2008. In August and September 2008, he reported live from the Arctic Circle where adventurer Lewis Gordon Pugh attempted to become the first person to kayak to the North Pole. Phil’s reporting documented how cracks in the ice have made it possible to travel through what used to be permafrost.

Phil is openly gay and married his partner Michael in Toronto Canada in 2005. He spoke about his marriage on air when reporting on the introduction of civil partnerships to the UK. He has also discussed adoption of a boy, named Scott.

Before working for ITN, Philip was an assistant editor for the Pink Paper. He works as a freelance writer and has written for Attitude magazine, The Times, The Telegraph and the Independent on Sunday.

Twitter @philreaysmith

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