Womens World Cup  BBC Titles

Titles Studio based in UK Studio based in Australia Graphics

WWE Signatures

WWF Signature Intro – 1985 WWF Signature Intro – 1988 WWF Signature Intro – 1990 WWF Signature Intro – 1995

BBC Breakfast

On Monday 26th June 2023, BBC Breakfast begun broadcasting from a new studio with new on screen graphics. Weather and

CNN New Graphics

On Thursday 1st June 2023, CNN launched new graphics

TalkTV Advert Countdown

TalkTV – Commercial Countdown

BBC News Countdown

BBC News Countdown 2023 (76 Seconds)

New TalkTV Studio Piers Morgan Uncensored

On Monday 17th April 2023, TalkTV launch two new studio. Vanessa and The Talk will share one studio, while Jeremy

Sky Sports Premier League Juniors Brentford v Liverpool

On January 2nd, 2023, Sky Sports hosted ‘Premier League Juniors’ an alternative way to enjoy the Premier League fixture between

World Cup  ITV Titles

World Cup 2022 – ITV Titles

World Cup  BBC Titles

World Cup 2022 – BBC Titles

Euro  BBC Titles

Euro 2022 – BBC Titles Studio Graphics

TNT Sports Presentation

Sample of TNT Sports’ On-Air Presentation 2023