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From Friday 27 July to Sunday 12 August 2012, the Games of the XXX Olympiad will take place from London and around the UK …

The BBC will broadcast around 2,500 hours of live Olympic sporting action on BBC One, BBC Three and on 24 Olympic streams …

Channel 4 will broadcast exclusive coverage of the Paralympic games from 29 August 2012.

Example of BBC Sports graphics during London 2012 (1)

Images of the BBC’s London 2012 graphics..

BBC London 2012 Studio (2)

Images of the BBC’s London 2012 studio based in the Olympic Park.

Sophie Raworth Presents from Olympic Park (3)

Images of Sophie Raworth presenting BBC News from the Olympic Park.

London 2012 on the BBC - Never miss a moment (15)

BBC Parliament will broadcast a documentary tonight entitled ‘First Past The Post’ The half-hour long programme tells the stories of members of Parliament who have run not just for political office, but also for Olympic glory. Lord Coe is the… Read more

Fiona Bruce Presents from London 2012 Studio (2)

Images of Fiona Bruce presenting the BBC Ten O’Clock News from the Olympic Studio on Monday 23 July 2012.

Stuart Hughes BBC

BBC producer Stuart Hughes, who lost part of his leg during the Iraq war, will run part of the Olympic torch relay today wearing a carbon fibre blade prosthesis. Stuart, who is world affairs producer for BBC News, lost part… Read more

London 2012 - BBC Coverage (18)

London 2012 Olympic Games – The BBC Trailer

BBC Olympic 1 This is BBC Olympics 1 07-23 17-21-19

The BBC today launched 24 high-definition live Olympic streams on cable and satellite. The streams, that will remain for the duration of the Olympic Games, ensures that, for the first time ever, millions of viewers across the UK will be… Read more

BBC Olympic 1 This is BBC Olympics 1 07-23 17-21-08

The BBC will broadcast some of its London 2012 Olympic games coverage in 3D. The broadcaster says the opening and closing ceremonies and a nightly highlights package will be shown in 3D on the BBC HD channel. The only sporting… Read more

London 2012 on the BBC - Never miss a moment (12)

Never Miss A Moment – BBC London 2012 Promo

Channel 4 Promo - Meet The SuperHumans (44)

‘Meet the Superhumans’ – London 2012 Paralympic – Channel 4 Promo

Channel 4 London 2012

Channel 4 will launch its biggest ever marketing campaign tonight to promote coverage of the London 2012 Paralympic Games with a ‘roadblock’ premiere of its ‘Meet the Superhumans’ film across 78 television channels. The 90 second long promo will broadcast… Read more