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5 News 2021 - Titles (6)

Openers Titles (Train) Titles (Sea) Titles (Angel of the North) Titles (Tower) Titles (Bridge) Studio Graphics Breaking News Graphics Weather Activities Weather Close

Channel 5 News and Weather 2012 (1)

Channel 5 News – Openers Titles Also on the Programme Presenter links to the top story Straps Coming Up Other Graphics Programme ends Studio Shots Weather

5pm Channel 5 News 2011 (8)

Matt Barbet presents 5pm bulletin Emma Crosby presents 7pm bulletin Ident Graphics Studio Close Weather

Five News 2008 - Ident (11)

Ident Straps Graphics Weather

Five News 2005 - Update Sting (4)

Ident Straps Split Screens Sports Weather Other Graphics Update

Five News 2003 - Update (2)

Ident Straps Facts Sports Weather Other Graphics Close Update