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The EU Referendum - Presentation
Latest EU Referendum News
Julie Etchingham The ITV Referendum Debate

ITV today confirmed the line-up of senior politicians who will appear in the network’s major live debate on 9th June. Senior politicians appearing to back remaining in the European Union are Angela Eagle and Amber Rudd, representing Britain Stronger In…

BBC NEWS BBC Newsroom Live 06-21 11-56-24

The BBC will broadcast its final and biggest debate on the EU referendum tonight! Senior campaigners for Vote Leave Boris Johnson MP and Gisela Stuart MP will be joined by Andrea Leadsom MP to represent leave. Leader of the Scottish…

EU UK Flags

After months of build-up and weeks of campaigning, the decision is finally here. Will the people of the UK choose to leave or remain in the European Union? The BBC, ITV and Sky News will air special results programmes this…

Julie Etchingham The ITV Referendum Debate

ITV will broadcast a hour-long live programme this evening in which David Cameron and Nigel Farage will in turn answer questions from a studio audience. ‘Cameron and Farage Live: The EU Referendum’ will be broadcast at 9pm and be moderated…

Sky News Promo 2016 - EU REF - The UK has decision to make 06-23 10-37-53

The UK’s got a massive decision to make – Sky News Promo 2016

Sky News Promo 2016 - EU REF - Public 06-23 10-37-20

The EU Referendum Results – Sky News Promo 2016

BBC News Promo 2016 - EU Referendum Results 06-23 10-37-05

EU Referendum Results – BBC News Promo 2016