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BBC, Sky reporting from Sanford Florida - Donald Trump Rally (6)

US 2020 – Dermot presenting from Washington for Sky News with Cordelia Lynch in Sanford, Florida. Jon Sopel also in Sanford for the BBC as President Trump holds his first rally since contracting COVID-19.

Jon Sopel - BBC PARLMNT Election 92 04-09 11-15-09 (1)

Images of Jon Sopel reporting during the 1992 General Election.

Fantastic moment from BBC’s coverage tonight when Jon Sopel asks a Rothbury resident to speak to her trapped mum on her phone..

Jon Sopel - BBC News (2)

Jon Sopel is currently North America Editor for the BBC During his time at the BBC, Jon has presented the BBC’s One and Six O’clock News bulletins as well as Westminster Live and Around Westminster. Jon joined the BBC in… Read more