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The Royal Television Society (RTS) has announced changes to the Television Journalism Awards 2013/2014. The awards, for news and current affairs, seek to recognise creative and excellent journalism by organisations whose broadcasts are transmitted on a UK based platform. The… Read more

Building on the successful launches of Sky News on Apple TV, Roku and Livestation, Sky News has announced the forthcoming availability of its award-winning 24/7 broadcast news on Xbox 360. The launch further extends Sky News’ presence in the US… Read more

On 1st September 2014, Sky News launched a new evening news programme called ‘Sky News Tonight’. The programme showcases the best of Sky News’ journalism with interviews with major guests, studio debate, analysis and a pioneering social media cross-over. Hosted… Read more

The Freeview TV guide will be updated and expanded on Wednesday (3 September) to create extra capacity for new services. As a result, the children and news channels will be moving to new EPG numbers. BBC News will move from… Read more

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