Sky Sports presenter Hayley McQueen announces pregnancy

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Hayley McQueen - Sky Sports News Presenter (5)

Sky Sports News presenter Hayley McQueen has announced she is expecting a child.

“I’d hoped having a baby was going to happen one day but wasn’t sure it ever would. Baby McQueen-Newmann has been cooking away for a few months now and pleased to report so far so good. We feel so incredibly blessed,” said Hayley in a post on Instagram.

“I’ve spent a couple of years getting fertility help, sorting out horrific endometriosis once and for all and getting rid of pesky cysts.

“Just as we we were about to embark on an IVF journey abroad I found out I was expecting, in fact, the very day I spoke to the embryologist to map out my cycle and dates was the day we found out.”

“Kirk ever the optimist said it would happen naturally & we are so lucky that it did. It’s been an anxious few months but couldn’t be more excited for the new chapter in our lives.”

“To all those who are struggling to conceive or read the dreaded statistics of pregnancy later in life please don’t let stats get you down.

“I hope me and my 1 working ovary, declining follicles and hormones can be of some hope for others who are struggling.

“I genuinely think that I relaxed knowing that we’d found a wonderful place to have IVF to look forward to in the new year.

“This coupled with Kirk’s extensive research on diet and fitness must have contributed to our little miracle.”

Posted on Monday 8 April 2019