John-Paul Davies leaves Sky Sports News

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John-Paul Davies - Sky Sports News Presenter (2)

John-Paul Davies is the latest to leave Sky Sports News following budget cuts.

Fellow reporter Fraser Dainton announced he was leaving the comapany last week.

The Daily Mirror is reporting the pandemic has hit television and media companies very hard and Sky are feeling the effects.

“After 14 years at Sky, the time is now right to embrace a new chapter, I leave with many happy memories,” said John-Paul in a statement posted on Twitter.

“Behind the brand and campaigns, It’s the people of Sky Sports News who make it outstanding. It has been my honour to work with so many who are kind, sincere and capable; the friendship and laughter has meant more than I can adequately express.”

“These are days when broadcasting and communicating the truth are more important than ever and I’m deeply challenged by the need in our world; the need to speak for those who have no voice, to walk with those experiencing injustice, racism, poverty and better understand the roots of mental illness so we help bring healing to many. This journey of life is like a golden thread; what a gift it is.”

“Above all, I’m grateful to God for his enduring faithfulness and live. There is none like him.”

Posted on Monday 5 July 2021