Former ITV, STV News correspondent Harry Smith has died

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Harry Smith Dies - ITV News Correspondent - STV Tribute (14)

Former ITV News correspondent Harry Smith has died.

Harry, who began his career in 1969 as editor of local newspaper Forfar Dispatch, died suddenly on Friday morning, his family confirmed.

In a statement published on social media this morning, Harry’s family said: “Very sadly Harry died suddenly early on Friday morning.

“It’s so hard to believe his energy and sense of fun are gone.

“Many of you will have known him for his strong opinions and humour on here [Twitter].

“He’ll be greatly missed by family, friends and colleagues.”

The political correspondent worked for the BBC, before moving to STV and then joining ITV News.

He also worked as a freelancer for Channel 4 and Al Jazeera.

Posted on Tuesday 23 June 2020

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