Christine Bleakley: “I’m not really a morning person”

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As Christine Bleakley looks forward to teaming up next month with her former BBC colleague Adrian Chiles on the sofa of ITV’s new breakfast show, Daybreak, there will be one aspect of the job that she is dreading.

“I’m not really a morning person,” the 31-year-old presenter told Mandrake last year. “I’m more of a night owl.”

Bleakley is said to be becoming increasingly serious about her relationship with Frank Lampard, the England midfielder, but Chiles clearly looms large in her life.

“I know how Adrian thinks, and that’s half the battle to having a good relationship,” she said of her former co-host of The One Show.

“You kind of have to get on. I’d say that Adrian has his moments when he isn’t the ideal [co-presenter], but we get on well.”

Source: Telegraph Online

Posted on Wednesday 18 August 2010