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The BBC Leaders’ Debate – News Coverage
BBC News – Thursday 29th
11am: Emily Maitlis presents from Birmingham, the site of the third debate
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With Laura Kuenssberg in Debate studio, then Media Centre
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David Dimbleby interviewed by Emily
[singlepic=16924] [singlepic=16925]
Huw Edwards in Birmingham
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6pm: Huw Edwards presents ‘The Six’ from Birmingham
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With Nick Robinson and Stephanie Flanders in Birmingham
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[singlepic=16937] [singlepic=16940]
Emily Maitlis leads into the Debate
[singlepic=16953] [singlepic=16954]
Huw Edwards presents ‘The Ten’
[singlepic=16955] [singlepic=16956]
With Laura Kuenssberg in the Media Centre
[singlepic=16961] [singlepic=16962]
Reeta Chakrabarti gauging the public’s reaction
[singlepic=16965] [singlepic=16966]
Nick Robinson, Stephanie Flanders in Birmingham
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11pm: Laura Kuenssberg in the Media Centre
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Channel 4 News – Thursday 29th
7pm: Jon Snow presents from Birmingham
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With Gary Gibbon in Birmingham
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ITV News – Thursday 29th
6:30pm: Mary Nightingale presents Evening News from Birmingham
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Lucy Manning with the Labour Party
[singlepic=16985] [singlepic=16986]
Bill Neely with the Conservatives
[singlepic=16988] [singlepic=16989]
Daisy McAndrew in the City
[singlepic=16991] [singlepic=16992]
Tom Bradby in Birmingham
[singlepic=16993] [singlepic=16994]
Alastair Stewart in Bolton gauging the public’s reaction
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Sky News – Thursday 29th
2pm: Kay Burley presents Afternoon Live from Birmingham
[singlepic=16998] [singlepic=16999]
With Adam Boulton also in Birmingham
Joey Jones in Wesminster with pre/post debate analysis
[singlepic=17004] [singlepic=17042]
Kay Burley moves to the Media Centre
[singlepic=17010] [singlepic=17011]
Niall Paterson, Dharshini David and Rachel Younger with camps
[singlepic=17013] [singlepic=17014]
[singlepic=17015] [singlepic=17016]
Michael Thrasher in Media Centre
[singlepic=17019] [singlepic=17020]
7pm: Boulton and Randall Unleashed from Birmingham
[singlepic=17024] [singlepic=17025]
8pm: Dermot Murnaghan presents from Media Centre
[singlepic=17029] [singlepic=17027]
8:30pm: The Debate
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[singlepic=17034] [singlepic=17035]
10pm: Dermot Murnaghan and Adam Boulton in Media Centre
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[singlepic=17039] [singlepic=17046]
The Boulton Factor from the Media Centre
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