Whatever Happened To Great Oratory?

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    Listening to the monotonous Mr. Kennedy at the Lib Dem conference, and bearing in mind how inarticulate the most powerful man on earth is, I wonder whatever happened to the skill of improvised, sincere oratory among world leaders? Kofi Annan excepted!


    The only good orator in recent years that springs to my mind is Bill Clinton. Tony Blair is not bad but he has no charm or warmth and appears insincere.


    Absolutely agree. Clinton was such a statesman. And a human being. He was such a legend in the Dimbleby interview! I think charm is what the rest of them are missing.


    Too bad some of Clinton’s decisions were utter crap and that no-one seems to realise how right-wing and religiously influenced some of them were.


    Seamus is right. Maybe it’s the fault of ‘sound bite’ TV, but in ye ancient old days (even before my time) certain politicians were magnificent orators. Men – sadly no women allowed back then! – like Churchill and Trotsky.

    Hitler wasn’t bad if you rate rabble rousing as great oratory (I don’t mean what he said, I mean the power his words had to move or influence people).

    In recent years there have been a few with choice phrases (like Dennis Healey for example) but Clinton isn’t in the category of ‘great orator’ I don’t think. He is and was as Pres a great communicator with a very easy manner with all types of people. But that’s a different gift.

    Maybe someone with Irish Sky can tell us if any of their lot are good orators? They certainly talk the hind legs off several thousand donkeys.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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