UK spies ‘bugged UN’s Kofi Annan’

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    British spies were bugging UN Secretary General Kofi Annan’s office in the run up to the Iraq war, former UK cabinet minister Clare Short has claimed.

    Oh my, more trouble for the British Government. the UN has just said that any spying on Kofi would be Illegal


    It makes a good news story but are any of us really surprised? I would imagine that between the US and UK, most major governments are being spied upon in one form or another and in the run-up to the Iraq War last year even more so if the countries were against or undecided about a 2nd UN Security Council resolution. So the UN Secretary General would probably have been considered ‘fair game’ to the intelligence services (MI6) in that highly charged pre-war atmosphere, with all the to-ing and fro-ing that was going on at the United Nations. I don’t think the UK Government is in any big trouble legally if Claire Short’s claims are proved, but it is very embarrassing for Tony Blair.


    Well its certainly causing a storm here. The Howard Government has already copped it bad for relying on info from the US and UK without analysing it locally – followed blindly.

    Its certainly going to flare up in his face in an election year that he could loose!

    Both PM Howard and Australia’s foreign Minister have called Short stupid and irresponsible… kinda hypocrytical!


    What I’d like to know is how they manage to avoid all the bugging devices getting in each other’s way, or do they share bugs? The Anglo-American bug; le bug franco-allemand…and how many Saddam bugs got into downtown NYC?

    What’s Ms Short up to?


    Well I have more faith in the French spy agency then Australia’s!

    France told us months in advance there was an Al Qaeda cell operating in Sydney, and ASIO (our spy agency) ignored it!

    It wasnt until the leader went to France and the French arrested him that ASIO woke up. IDIOTS!

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