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    It now looks like Sky News Today is back to a 2 presenter format…

    Not to sure how true it is… but i’ve heard Martin Stanford and Anna Jones will do AM and Mark and Ginny will do PM. Steve Dixon will do Weekend Sunrise and Anna Botting may re-join Jeremy on Live at Five, when Julie returns to the Sky Report.


    Sounds good..personally I would put Martin in the afternoon slot and get rid of Ginny.

    Anna and JT are an excellent pairing, but will they be on air for only an hour and a half?


    good news if true. Sky need to get back to focusing on their strength which was rolling news and breaking news – if just for my sake as I just can’t watch BBC News 24.


    On the whole this sounds like good news, although it is still an embarassing climb down from the relaunch, which although looked good was content wise farcical. Bit harsh on Steve though, the fact that they are unwilling to put two men is a shame, as Steve and Mark would be good on SNT PM.


    I hope Steve Dixon will be with Emma Crosby on weekend Sunrise !!!!


    Steve Dixon and Emma Crosby are a good pairing for the weekend Sunrise. Steve Gaisford is too wooden and lacks personality , he should stick to the Sport

    Also, what has happened to the excellent Kevin Owen?


    Hey Robbbo

    Think you might be being a little harsh on Steve Gaisford! He seems a nice and competent presenter who I enjoy watching very much. I hope he is still Sky’s weekend sunrise presenter as I often tune in just because of him! I have always thought that he and Emma worked particularly well together but hey ho I don’t make the decisions so we shall just have to wait and see. I reckon the bosses probably watched how relaxed yet professional the weekends were looking and wanted to make the weekdays have the same feel.


    Emma & Steve Gaisford reunited today !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    … and who could forget two of them eating those cookies.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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