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    Breaking news tonight: At least 100 casualties in Taba Hilton hotel blast on the Egypt/Israel border.

    (Sheila and Chris broke the news)

    edit: 30 killed in hotel blast


    Yes, I was watching it last night and I noticed that Sheila was dressed far too casually for presenting the main evening news ( a black cardigan!!)

    Johnnie: Why do you bother writing on these forums the breaking news when people can get it either from any news service on television or radio, or from the internet at such places as w;”>;> w w;”>;> w etv???


    So we can discuss NEWS COVERAGE. and when Alastair Campbell resigned last year i found out first on this forum because the news was posted by a member.

    Why do you try so hard to change the topic into something completely different. and why not post about how Sheila handled the news instead of what she was wearing (who cares?)

    I also started this topic on another forum, the five replies that the thread has so far are all about the Taba hotel blast… (quite simple really)


    Some of us are also stuck with bulletin based news so it’s good that Johnnie posts the breaking news stories. However (this is meant as a very gentle comment, mate!) how about some more details on the actual story please?

    You could ask, Newsroom, what am I doing on the forum when I don’t even have Sky right now? Well, same thing – I like to find out what’s going on and discuss the stories and the issues around them too…

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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