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    Many of us in the old Sky forum days called for more foreign or “world news”. While I welcome the move upmarket with James Rubin’s rather CNN style Talking Heads foreign news, it is very US focused – not unnaturally given his contacts – and other world news seems to be Tim Marshall giving his opinions (no additional comment needed for those who’ve been around long enough). :S

    Apart from Emma Hurd who handled the Sharon stroke story almost alone (JT was flown out to add muscle; I thought unnecessarily) but who is really Sky’s Jerusalem correspondent as she does not ‘do’ the whole M.E., where are the live reports or even packages from the rest? Even the US correspondents have gone a lot quieter.

    Peter Sharp risked his life for a month in Iraq (gawd, Peter, is London that bad?!) only to have his packages shoved on to a morning schedule, as if Sky aren’t quite sure what to do with this type of reporting any more. It would have been on with JT on Live at Five before, or just after that imo.

    Bestic is back from India. Have Sky shut their India bureau?

    The very good Dominic Waghorn got a slight look-in vis a vis avian flu and google stories, but is otherwise sadly absent.

    And Glen O’ Glaza was reporting on TB’s jumbo engine scare this morning live from Joburg…. WHERE oh where is the one and only David Chater? If he’s filing packages from somewhere in Africa, as far as I can see his bosses aren’t running them. Is he still Africa correspondent and for how much longer one wonders?

    Ireland correspondent, not that that’s exactly ‘foreign’ is working in London now too.

    Seems you have to be there to get any really interesting work and yet…’s pretty tedious story-wise most of the time here too!

    I miss the foreign reporting! I wonder if its been hit by swingeing budget cuts. I’d like someone at Sky to answer, but I feel that I’m just a fee-paying grunt who has no right to know anything.

    Sky looks pretty, but the BBC is running a lot more interesting world news, guys. Wakey wakey if thou wishes to.



    i agree with the jist of your point tbh, i’m hoping that it’s just a temporary lapse which was inevitable with sky needing to find it’s feet again after the relaunch. but i’ve always admired sky with having CONTENT as well as it’s taken for granted style, and sadly it seems like the content in general is not what it once was. but like i say, hopefully it’s only temporary and they’ll get back on form soon!


    Peter Sharp was in the studio on Lunchtime Live talking to Mark Longhurst about the latest Iraqi abuse pictures.


    yes but he wasn’t out in the field was he.

    the OP makes a good point actually, can’t say I’ve seen much in the way of foreign news since the relaunch. maybe they’re worried about stealing any thunder from World News tonight? Then again, I’m not sure it would fit in to the new lightweight Sky News Today programmes – which only seem to have a 3 story count these days.


    Sky still has an Indian Bureau with correspondent Alex Crawford.


    Yes, I saw one report from India, but a Brit human interest story. Also hope that the murder trial coverage in the US doesn’t go OTT and replace real foreign news (pleeeeease not another nannywatch); liked Andrew Wilson’s ironic report on whether it was really a big story there though!

    Great to see David Chater in Yemen, although I’ve missed some of his reports; just caught the one about dodgy privet-hedge munching What time are his packages usually on? I admit I usually tune in about once a day, early eves – live at five? after that?

    cheers. Hope it continues!!

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